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Alpha Devblog #21 - Alpha 1.6 Preview (New Town | Prison Island ++)

Hello all,

The team is developing the 1.6 patch. We're also working on an additional 1.5 Halloween update which includes some spooky in-game halloween events

Prison Island Rework and Prison Town (To Be Named By the Community)

We've continued making progress with the prison rework. As mentioned in the last devblog, we've also added an entirely new town to the old prison island. We'd like task the community for some help in naming this town. We've reached out to the community in the past for help with naming the towns of Black Island and all the roads and shop names were coined by Kickstarter backers as part of their backer perks. This new town will replace the current prison island and the new prison island is attached via an overpass. The prison is called 'Black Ridge Prison' so keep that in mind. Leave your suggestions in a comment below. We will pick out a few favorites and have a vote to make the final decision. :)

The Newly Re-designed Prison Island

The New Prison and the Island to the Right

On the road

Bridge Up​

Halloween Event - Trick or Treat (Coming Soon)

Players will find that all exterior residential doors will now have a trick or treat knocker on them along with some spooky halloween decorations. Use the knocker to take your chances of spawning a zombie or a little treat :) You'll may also be rewarded with a film case - wonder if it can be used at the drive-in ;)


We'll be introducing to new points of interest on the island, the Baron Drive-Ins. You'll find one north of Sage Creek and one just north of Lake Baron. Check them out, maybe stick around for a flick if you've found one while trick or treating.

Baron Drive-in

Merch Shop

While we're currently unable to sell merch in house which is what we would ideally love to one day do, we have opted into a 3rd party seller (Teespring) to provide those that have requested it the ability to pick up some cool merch and help out the team.


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