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Alpha Devblog #17 - Experimental Patch Notes - Alpha 1.4.23 (Alpha 1.5 Release Candidate)

Hello all,

The team is hard at working on player found issues and developing the 1.5 patch. We've released the 1.4.23 patch (alpha 1.5 release candidate) on our experimental branch via steam. This build will be moved to the stable branch if no major issues are found by players. We’ll introduce the build on default alongside a new mini trailer and vlog. You can find our patch notes below. Please report bugs and issues in game using the F1 menu.

If you'd like to track the patch progress and follow more closely with development, check our changelog and feel free to join our Discord.

How to get into experimental branch:

  1. Open Steam and go to your games library.

  2. Right click on STN and select "Properties"

  3. Navigate to the "Betas" tab and select "experimental" in the drop down menu.

  4. Close the properties window.

Experimental Patch Notes - Alpha 1.4.23 (Alpha 1.5 Release Candidate)


  • Added horde system with progressing difficulty the more hordes you survive. Hordes can be escaped by fleeing.

Regression Fixes

  • Fixed issues that were introduced in exp 1.4.22 with the change to using steam server list. Passworded servers work again, incompatible servers no longer show as "Not Set" and hidden servers don't show in the list as expected.

Player Leveling

  • Added base player XP system that will be expanded upon with rewards in future updates.

Free Placed Barricades

  • Added system which and all new barricade type fortifications that can be free placed to hold back and damage zombies and other players.

Quality of Life (QoL)

  • However UI now shows more quickly.

  • Scrap metal from empty cans recipe not requires 3 scrap metal instead of 9.

  • Zombies now damage the lowest condition fortification when attacking fortified windows.

  • Fortifying sped up slightly between all available tools.

  • Bandage recipe now takes 2 rags instead of 1 but gives 25 health instead of 15 meaning less inventory and crafting time.

  • Overall melee hit detection improvements. Especially affecting players with lower FPS.

  • D battery packaging is now green so that it can be easily distinguished from AA batteries.

  • Stamina drain is now varied dependent on not only weight but type of action.

  • Certain weapons are now much less likely to jam. Examples: all revolvers and double barrel variants.

  • Weapon jamming is now spread more fairly based on current condition and doesn't start until condition is lower overall.

  • Weapon wear working gain.

  • Lola and Rauser pistols now do slightly more damage.

  • Bateman accuracy improved when aiming down the sites.

  • FRKS shotgun now takes 5 shells instead of 7.

  • Pump action shotgun now takes 7 shells instead of 5.

  • Crafting certain items no longer craft with higher than their max quantity.

  • Items like nuts/bolts now have higher amounts per box when harvested from the appropriate locations.

  • Small work bench is now ground placement mode only.

  • Reduced overall weight of log drop.

  • AA battery harvesting removed in favour of spawning batteries in the conventional way. This should help save confusion.

  • Energy drinks simplified by having only 1 variant and making it more effective.

  • More scrap metal can now be extracted on each search.

  • Fixed issue which allowed players to get through walls by exiting the pickup seats.

  • Fixed intense reflections.

  • Windows bars can now be crafted properly.

  • Item condition now correctly syncs when joining near an object that is already loaded for another player.

  • Can now consume items from the inventory while looking at a cooking surface.

  • Engine access points on all vehicles updated to make it easier to open the UI.

  • It's now possible to inspect while inside of a vehicle.

  • Smaller rotation steps when turning items in placement mode.

  • Hotkeys now work while looking at fortifications.

  • Item hover now shows after dropping item while looking at it.

  • Compass now settles to position faster.

  • Large items are now slightly further away from the player when in placement mode.

  • Large items in placement mode no longer raise off the ground when looking up. This makes the system feel more fluid when placing items.

  • Replaced searching area functionality with the ability to hold F to keep the inspect menu visible.

  • Fixed areas in the police station where it was possible to stand on an invisible collider over staircases.

Engine Update

  • Reduced overall memory footprint.

  • Game project migrated to Unity 2019


  • Quick start guide now animates on and off screen.

  • Added XP and Level display that shows when inspecting.

  • Data privacy button working again in Unity 2019.

  • Added new UI on new life that gives some back story and information for new players.


  • Day zombies now agro slightly easier.

  • Lower scream chance once they spot the player.

  • Lower scream chance from annoyance.

  • Unfortified doors and windows now break open faster when being attacked by zombies.

  • Tweaks to zombie behaviour around door frames to spread them out more evenly and have them behave in a more dynamic way.

  • Zombies now start attacking the player as they are running toward. This helps zombies feel more fluid.

  • Slight improvements to zombies bumping the player. Still not 100% fixed.

  • Zombies are overall slightly faster.

  • Fixed several exploit issues with with zombie chase mechanics.

  • Zombies are now harder to kill with body/limb shots.

  • Zombies now attack vehicles when they cannot reach the player.

  • Resolved issue which stopped zombies being cleaned up around the player on logging in.

  • Added system for transitioning zombies into an aggressive pose after attacking. This prevents them entering into idle in between attacks.

  • Added system varied walking speeds.


  • Lower scream volume.

  • Music in game plays more often.

  • Overall music volume raised slightly.

  • Loud speaker at police station now correctly stops playing after electrics are turned on.

Animation Improvements

  • Add 2 new zombie walk animations and improved existing animation transition.

  • Arg15 fire animation improvements.

  • Rauser fire animation improvements.


  • Worn planks are now larger on the window frames.

  • Fixed broken tree chopping shader (introduced in unity 2019 1.4.22)

  • Breaking and damaging effects added for all new barricades.

  • Buggy explosion effect is now correct.

  • Rag dolls now receive correct force from melee and guns.


  • R-6804 fire animation improved.

  • Pump action fire animation improved.

  • Double Barrel fire animations improved.

  • FRKS fire animation improved.

  • Clinchester fire animation improved.

  • Bateman revolver fire animation improved.

  • Lola hand gun fire animation improved.


  • Added new barb wire trap that lays on the floor and slows down and damages players and AI.

  • Added new battery drill drop.

  • Added barricade variants including barb wire, spike and wall types.


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