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Alpha Devblog #16 - 1.5 Preview (Free Placed Fortifications | Fortification Improvements ++)

Hello all,

The team is hard at working on player found issues and developing the 1.5 patch. If you’d like to help find bugs and tweak 1.5 features, jump on our experimental branch and check out the 1.4.22 patch. That will eventually become the next stable update. Check our Changelog and feel free to join our Discord. Below we'll go over the progress we've made with fortifications and and some tweaks we've made after testing. We have taken a bit more time with this update as it basically changes the entire game. After testing the team decided a few initial tweaks were needed. Mostly the addition of added tools for fortifying. We will do our best to get this build out on exp ASAP.

Fortification Improvements

We've had a few good tests now preparing 1.5 for you guys and have decided to hold off on updating exp and default to put a bit more work into the added mechanics. Zombie hordes are no joke. You'll need to fortify a structure or flee to survivor. If the player chooses to stay, fight the horde and gain the xp from it they'll likely need to fortify a structure.

When it comes to covering windows with planks/boards, the current fortification method only allows for a hammer and nail setup. This simply wasn't fast enough in most cases so we've expanding tools a bit. You can now use a screw driver and drill to apply fortifications. The screwdriver is faster than the hammer and the drill is obviously faster than the driver. You will need screws for both drill and driver, nails still being required to apply fortifications with a hammer.

Screwdriver applying screws to fortifications

Battery operated drill applying screws to fortifications

Fortification Preview

The initial 1.5 build will feature 4 types of freeplaced fortifications. Concepted by our moderator and concept designer Num47 and created by Andre the fortifications can be placed anywhere in the world and strengthened/repaired. They can be completely destroyed so be sure to keep on top of repairs and replacements if you want to keep that added level of security to your structure. Along with these additions you'll find you're no longer safe on top of vehicles as zeds will now attack and damage them to the point of explosion, killing you along with themselves.

Quick concepts from Num47

Implemented in game. You can see the 4 variants here.​

A secured structure​

Zombies destroying vehicles


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