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Quality of Life #3 (Car Lots | Self Defense | Friends on Map | Spawning in Structures | Waypoints++)

Saturday November 6th,

Hello everyone, we’ll be releasing our 1.11 branch directly to stable today. A lot has gone into 1.11 and we want to get it tested by as many people as possible right off the bat so here you have it. There are quite a few new additions to the world and to gameplay. We’ll go over those below and include the full changelog right here in the update.

We will be wiping servers and suggest all private servers owners do so also. As you know we try to avoid wipes as often as possible. A lot of changes have gone into 1.11, items have been renamed and recipes adjusted among other factors like home setting etc. It's best to have a nice clean start with major updates.

Self Defense and PvP Improvements

The pvp system has needed some love and it’s getting attention now. The introduction of the sleeping bag and home claiming system introduced a few issues and we’ll be addressing them in 1.11

Self Defense:

We have wanted to work out some kind of a who shot first system for quite some time now. The next version will introduce a basic self defense system. Players will have a set amount of time (currently 2 minutes) to return fire without penalty. This obviously only works if you’ve been hit first. This system also changes when taking home status into effect as explained below.

Structure Defense:

The initial reason for this change was to stop players placing sleeping bags and using them to grief other players. There’s a need for a more advanced system but this is a great base to work from and should solve many of the initial issues.

It is now possible for players to protect their own home under any circumstance (without mental health impact) providing the player is inside their home. Homes are now considered to ‘age out’ meaning any home that has been set for more than 12 in game hours. A long standing home was extra right over a home that has just been placed. In the event a placed home is new and not older than 12 hours, that player will face a cool down to respawn.

This isn’t a fail safe solution by any means. Should an attacker age out of a home, placing a bag and making it 12 hours without it being destroyed they will be able to respawn and attack without negative effect. This could basically create a pvp free-for-all if you’re both in your houses shooting across the gardens. This, of course, would only work if you were both in your structures once outside the system reverts to the who shot first system above.

Example of the System:

Player 1 is in their home and protecting their aged base (their real home that’s been there for a while). Player 2 places a home near player 1’s base and intends to use it to exploit by attacking player 1 over and over.

Previously player 1’s mental health would deteriorate as player 2 could just keep respawning at their home and attacking player 1. This effectively left player 1 helpless, not able to protect their base without suffering from negative mental health effects and eventually committing suicide.

With the new system, providing player 1's base is aged out, they have the right to kill on sight anyone attacking them (regardless of who fires the first shot) without consequence. In the event player 2 gets killed by player 1, they are placed on timeout to spawn at home, in the event their home is close to player 1’s. If player 2’s home isn’t close then they are allowed to spawn at home as per normal gameplay.

Survive the Nights is an early access game and a work in progress. Game features are constantly evolving and improving. You may encounter game breaking bugs. Please take this into account when playing/reviewing the game.

Help us test and submit issues via our in-game issue tracker. Join our active community and provide feedback on Discord.

Waypoint System

The vibe of Survive the Nights is really starting to come into its own. 1.11 will feature a totally revamped spawn system. As mentioned in the last devblog, the new system will randomly spawn players in structures around the world. This really makes every life and experience unique. Spawning in houses in towns vs spawning in a country house creates a wide variety of gameplay experiences.

Along with the new spawning system, James has spent some time improving and expanding on the quick guides’ abilities and features. New players have a far more task oriented start. The game really is starting to feel like a game with these recent changes. The original ‘hunker down’ vibe is coming back into its own and guiding the player from the start is a big part of our intended gameplay style.

The waypoint system and new help system is meant to gently guide new players in the right direction. It can be fully disabled for returning players and is automatically disabled even for returning players after completion.

Waypoint directing the player towards a wood harvest

Item Highlighting Improvements

Item and harvest highlighting has recently been introduced and James has made some improvements to the system. Current highlighting on harvest machines stays even after you’ve harvested the times from it even if it’s ‘empty’.. The updated system will now remove the glowing effect from empty harvest machines making it far easier to distinguish what you have and haven’t harvested. We'll have some more info in next week's devblog.

Friends on Map and Compass

We’ve always wanted Survive the Nights to be a co-op experience. Surviving with friends is a totally different experience than surviving on your own. We introduced the home system in 1.10 allowing players to set their homes. This feature itself allows for a more cooperative experience. We’ve taken it a step further with the 1.11 update by adding the much requested ability to see your friends on the map.

In 1.11, players will be able to see any of their Steam friends on the map. This should work without the need for you to do anything in game so long as you’re Steam friends. In addition to seeing your friends when you bring up the map, they will also be visible when you inspect your player and bring up the compass UI.

Friend locations on the compass

Friend locations on the map

Structure Variant (Car Lots)

A vehicle makes survival a lot easier and we would like to get players driving around sooner rather than later. We will be making some adjustments to the guide systems including the task to get a vehicle started. This task will now waypoint players to the new car lot additions on the island. These car lots as mentioned above are spread across the map and there are currently 6 variants although you might not notice much difference initially. We will expand on structure design later, our prefab system allows us to swap out any structure in the game or just make general improvements and changes without issue for the most part.

Black Island Impound

New Impound/Dealership Locations


Quality of Life (QoL)

  • Vehicles will now be more common and start with slightly more parts

  • Increased the size of the cooking surface on the hearth

  • Sleeping bag recipe now only requires 2 cloth.

  • Player now start a new life after respawning when not having a home set.

  • Searched wood/metal/cloth items now indicate that they cannot be searched again.

  • It’s now possible to equip while in the UI for other machines/looking at cooking surfaces.

  • Fixed issue that was stopping stewing working correctly.

  • Increased visible distance of various large/important pickups so that they don't pop on right in front of the player.

  • Fixed scenarios where machines continued to run after the player left the area.

  • Optimizations to vegetation rendering.

  • Prewarm assets system disabled to fix possible crash issues on startup and improve performance when entering menus/game

  • Canteens no longer spawn.

New Players

  • Now spawn inside a structure

  • Guide order tweaked to work better with new spawn locations.


  • Solo play now has a disclaimer explaining additional RAM requirements.

  • Fixed issues that stopped certain player getting into game on solo play.

  • Added a button to test port status on host tab.

  • Added warning to host tab that lets players know ports are still closed.

  • Fixed issues that stopped solo/host servers launching.


  • Added dynamic waypoint system that guides the player to their next objective.

Self Defense

  • Added self defense system that allows you to kill a player in the event that they initiate combat.

  • It’s now possible to destroy other players sleeping bags.

  • It’s now possible to kill other players while defending home without mental health impact.

  • There is now a cool down on home respawning in circumstances considered to be exploiting.


  • Fixed various scenarios where it was possibly to see extra hands while consuming.


  • Fixed flickering snow on and off when moving around the world

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 13 on the north east corner of the map.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 43 on the north east corner of the map.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 42 north of sage creek

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 15 west of oldtown.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 45 north of airport.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 62 south of Addersfield.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 53 west of Addersfield.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 56 west side of Black Rock.

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 52 north Addersfield

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 52 north Addersfield

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 57 on the north east corner of the map.

  • Added a dealership to terrain tile 28

  • Added a dealership to terrain tile 26

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 10 North of Union Point

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 35 West of Sage Creek

  • Added Car Dealership to terrain tile 55 North of Blackrock

  • Added Car Impound Lot to terrain tile 59 North of Addersfield

  • Improved water materials on ponds

  • Added car dealership and variants.

  • Town sign achievements now work.


  • Adjusted nighttime lighting for easier navigation

  • Increased lights from fires indoors

  • Decreased light from club when it’s on fire

  • Disabled running animation when flashlight is enabled on a gun

  • Disabled LED flashlights + windup flashlight

  • Increased brightness and range of normal flashlights

  • Removed weird grill shadow from fixed campfire

  • Fix for flashlight color not updating when removing flashlight attachment

  • Fix for weapon not going back to passive carry position when headlamp is enabled


  • Updated pre-alpha warning message and reduced skip time

  • Reworded new life UI to better reflect new spawn locations.

  • Tweaked wording for fire elements of guide.

  • Added friend position on map and compass within a close proximity

  • Sniper scopes now render behind other UI so that it doesn't hide other important information.

  • Added indicator if zombies are nearby to logoff menu.

  • Item that's just been crafted now selects in the inventory.

PvP Exploit Improvements

  • Health clamp to 1 system made more lenient so that it doesn’t affect PvP as much.

  • No longer possible to place sleeping bags in POI’s.

Thank you for the continued support, we’re working on issues you’re finding so please keep reporting any bugs and making any game suggestions you can think of.



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