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July 4th - Patch Notes - Alpha 1.4 Quality of Life Update (Devlog++)

Hello all,

We’ve released the 1.4 Quality of Life patch to our stable branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system. The team is back in the office after the covid lock down and we hope to pump out updates quicker than ever!

The M-357

We've added a new handgun to the project. The M-357 packs a solid punch and is far quicker than the Bateman (the other revolver in game). During the alpha stage we'll be adding more weapons. If you have a weapon you'd like to see in game, jump on our Discord and let us know.

Weapon VFX Improvements and Reload Speeds

Jos has spent some time working on weapon effects. You'll also notice that weapons reload a bit quicker now making gunplay flow just a bit better. Weapon effects, design and animations will continue to improve during our alpha stage.

Inventory and Guide Improvements

We've begun to rework the player inventory and machine/container interfaces in the game. A cleaner and larger background image, buttons, stack moving abilities, tabs in containers are just some of improvements you'll find in the 1.4 QoL patch. We've also updated the player guide system. You'll notice your next steps now glow in the booklet. This effect extends to the current tasks physical world item glowing.

Zombie Improvements

We've begun reworking our zombies improving their looks and mechanics. The 1.4 Quality of Life update reduces performance overhead when it comes to multiple zombies on screen, fixes small lag spikes and, among numerous other changes and improvements, fixes the hit box/reach issues. Zombies should no longer be able to hit you from feet away. Below you can see some texture improvements Andre had worked on over the weekend.

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.4 (Quality of Life)

HOTFIX 1.4.17

  • Garage doors now initialize into the correct position if open.

  • Moved the bullet distortion particle out of the bullet parent to stop tint color errors.

  • Female zombie fully retextured.

  • Slight performance tweaks.

  • Player no longer bumping in to dead zombies.

  • Chance of finding seeds for wild plants significantly increased.

  • Vehicles no longer return to their original spawn location.

  • Audio sliders now affect m-357 SFX.

  • Errors in chat from searching for water into a watering can fixed.

  • Watering can is now visible in world.

  • Inventory working for players with completed guide.

  • Grey craftables can be clicked to show missing items.

  • Second digit of guide pages now visible.

  • Tutorial world highlighting now working.

HOTFIX 1.4.16

  • Small performance improvements.

  • Zombies now have random idle/walk/run animations.

  • Pink zombies in menu scene fixed.

  • Passive AI moving.

  • Can hit zombies in window frames again.

  • UI improvements

  • Easier to read fonts.

  • larger inventory, container and machine GUI's.

  • searching in Inventory and containers.

  • functionality shared between all tabs.

  • containers now have category tabs.

  • containers now have sorting.

  • Inventory now has searching.

  • containers now have searching.

  • Shift clicking to move stacks across inv, containers and machines.

  • Move all of category to containers added.

  • Active buttons only when buttons can be used.

  • Various visual improvements including the introduction of icons.


  • Campfires no longer stack.

  • Generators now start first time when they have all required parts.

  • Stew now goes cold when picked up.


  • Improved tutorial area highlighting world objects that reflect the next guide achievement.


  • Added new revolver M-357.

  • Adjustments to the melee hit detection to improve hit accuracy.

  • Improved muzzle flashes for all guns.

  • Take out speeds reduced.

  • Full new reload animation set for ARG15.

  • Sped up reloads for Bateman, Clinchester, Pump action and R-608.

  • Weapon now exits carry mode when cleaning.


  • Drawing of zombies optimized significantly. Reduces performance overhead when a lot of zombies are nearby.LODs added to ragdolls. This also helps performance in mornings when a lot of zombies are killed.

  • Small lag spikes fixed when zombie would switch LOD

  • Fix for weird 1 frame glitch when zombie would switch LOD

  • Looking through scopes now properly updates zombie LODs

  • Fixed small window where melee hits wouldn't register on zombies.

  • Hit boxes now a lot more accurate for AI at 20+ meters.

  • Improved zombie attack animations to make them better reflect their attack distances.

  • Stun time reduced for zombies.

  • Attack range reduced for zombies. Distance should now feel fairer and hitting the zombies while they can hit you should now be possible in most scenarios.

  • Zombie interpolations and smooth movement improved to bring the zombies closer to the player.

  • Resolved issue which allowed zombies to become invisible.


  • Improved vehicle smooth movement and reduced latency delay so that position are more accurate.

  • Improved friction physics on vehicles so that they don't get stuck as easily.

  • Upper container in RV that only took 2 items now correctly takes 12.


  • Can now see other players eating stew.


  • Resolved issue that stopped some sounds playing when near the police station.

  • Updated Clinchester suppressed sound.

  • New sounds for reloads on the ARG.

  • Improved reload sounds on Bateman, Clinchester, Pump action and R-608.


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