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Patch Notes - Alpha 1.5 Halloween Event/QoL Update(Trick-or-Treating | Drive-in Film)

October 27

We’ve released the 1.5 Halloween Event/QoL patch to our stable branch on Steam. You can find our patch notes below. There’s a lot of testing and breaking to do so go at it! Please do your best to check against the list of changes and report bugs using the in game bug report system.


We've introduced some holiday mechanics, alongside a holiday/event manager which will allow us to really expand on player events. The update includes some Jack-o-Lantern decorations and a trick or treat mechanic which will allow the player to use a knocker located on all residential doors. You'll be greeted with either a pumpkin headed brain hungry zombie or a treat (ammo, gun, traps and a film case).

Drive-In Movie Theater (Feature Film: Night of the Living Dead)

You'll find two new Points of Interest on our island. The Baron drive-in is located just north of Sage Creek and just southwest of Mount Baron. While trick-or-treating, the player will find a film case. Bring the film to the projection room at the drive-in and load it into the project to watch the entire "Night of the Living Dead" movie. :)

Crafting and Inventory Improvements

We've been listening to feedback and chatting with supporters on our forums. We've made quite a few changes to the inventory system. In the past couple of builds we've improved inventory background pictures, added icons and updated fonts. James has taken a bit of time to improve some quality of life issues with the inventory in v1.6.

  • Hovering over items in the inventory now only changes an items description area on mouse idle, this will reduce the constant changing of the left inventory page and makes the experience much easier on the eyes.

  • Weapons can now be cleaned from the description (left side) page, you'll find the clean button right near the condition readout. This will also allow the player to clean weapons they don't have equipped.

  • We've removed the crafting recipes for sharpening in place we've added a sharpen option in the item description much like the cleaning option above for weapons. This has been requested for some time and it's a great suggestion.

  • Improved ammo area layout making it easier to read.

  • You can now search for appropriate attachments right from the weapons description area making the attachment system much easier to understand overall.

  • The sort button for the inventory now looks like an actual button.

  • The entire search bar is now clickable in the inventory. Previously only the left side was clickable.

  • We've introduced a 'Quick craft' option as per community request.

Descriptions change on idle only

Attachments from description window

Cleaning from description window

Quick craft menu

New Item Icons Added

Patch Notes - Alpha 1.5.28 (Halloween Event | Quality of Life Update)


  • Trick or treat mechanic added.

  • Added Night of the Living Dead movie.


  • 2 new fully working and interactive drive in movie theaters added.


  • Fixed potential crash issue being caused by the cricket vehicle wreck effect.


  • Time now displays in 12 hour clock format instead of day/night.

  • Month now displays as abbreviated month instead of 1-12.

  • All search tabs now work: History, Favourites, Friends and Owned.

  • Passworded servers now work again.

  • Regions now display correctly.


  • Game music now enabled by default.


  • Added all craftables section which allows for viewing all possible crafting recipes.

  • Removed the [Search] and [Recipe] buttons which were causing confusion. Searching for recipes that include an item can now be done by hovering over the items name while in the crafting page.

  • Added quick crafting which allows crafting items without clicking right through to the recipe page.

  • Added quick craft system which allows for saving/pinning craftables.

  • Hovering over items in the inventory now only changes to that that item in the description area on mouse idle. This allows the player to pass over items without it being aggravating.

  • Weapons can now be cleaned from the description of the weapon right next to the condition

  • It’s now possible to clean a weapon that you don’t already have equipped by cleaning from the description area.

  • Removed crafting recipes for sharpening, added recipe for crafting sharpening stone and changed functionality for sharpening so that it works like cleaning kits. (Also the cleaning from the description)

  • Ammo area layout improved.

  • Can now search for appropriate attachments right from the weapons description making attachment system easier to understand overall.

  • Search fields in the inventory now have a clear button.

  • Sort button in the inventory now looks like a button.

  • Entire search bar now clickable in the inventory. Previously, only the left was clickable

  • Added more individual item icons to make inventory navigation easier.

  • Improved item names and descriptions to make inventory navigation easier.


  • Fixes for fortifications being invisible.


  • Music is no longer turned off by default.


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